Kenny doing what he does best. #beingbadass #greedymouth

Playing tonight in Austin at The Legendary White Swan. Come out, we got some new shirts and stickers.

New shirts. Gonna have 5 in black of S M L and XL and assorted colors on different sizes. #greedymouth

Printing out some more of these. Keep having to redesign the cover cus I lose the original file. I think there are 4-5 different versions out there. #greedymouth


"All I see how is Blonde, Brunette, Redhead…."

Artwork I did for Bomb Hoarder our old drummers current band. If you need artwork hit me up.

No Exit Demo cover.

A little Daiya Cream Cheese Bagel before finishing up this No Exit Demo…. #daiya #vegan #punk #blackmetal

Breakfast was bomb this morning.